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"This is a wonderful vacuum! Not only did it arrive in less then a week, but it works spectacularly. As much as it’s gross to see how much dirt and pet hair was left in my carpet (I had just vacuumed the day before with my old vacuum), it’s lovely to see how much it picks up! I would highly recommend this vacuum to anyone who has allergies, asthma, pets, or simply just wants a better vacuum!"
- Amy

"We love our Sirena! We bought it more than three years ago online at Costco and it has been working amazingly well ever since. Before we bought our Sirena, we had two different models of Dyson vacuum cleaners one after another. Both Dyson vacuum cleaners started breaking down within a year after purchasing respectively. Therefore, we decided to try something different and we are so glad we decided to buy a Sirena vacuum system! The water filter system captures all the debris, dirt, fine dust, and dog hairs truly well and our house smells clean and fresh after cleaning it with our Sirena. The only part that we replaced within the last three years was the rubber O-ring that connects to the brush roll. Everything is very sturdy and well made. In short, we are very happy with our purchase, I just wish we bought this Sirena cleaning system sooner."
- Asya

Sirena Vacuum Reviews

"Extremely excited about my Sirena vacuum. The house is much cleaner, the air and the carpets. I’ve had it for about a year now and still very pleased with the performance. Much more reasonably priced than Rainbow, and for my two cents just as effective."
- Ben

"I LOVE my Sirena. I bought it because we had someone come to our house and show us the other brand of a similar machine. The Sirena would just as well if not better than the other brand and was a fraction of the cost! I have recommended this machine and brand to all of my friends!"
- Lisa

Sirena Vacuum Reviews

"My husband and I purchased the Sirena system in 2016 after watching the videos on YouTube & reading reviews. Absolutely no regrets. The best home cleaning system we have ever owned!"
- Jenny

"We’ve had a Sirena for about 3-4 years now and it works great! No filters required! Just fill it up with water and when you're done, throw the water out. It’s easy to clean and comes with a little brush to help clean the HEPA filter. It can also pick up water with a special hose. It vacuums our cats' hair very well. We also use it as an air filtration system especially with the cats!
I’ve also contacted the company when we needed some troubleshooting and they emailed us quickly and were very helpful!"
- Amara