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How It Works

Sirena System

Harness The Power Of Nature

Like Mother Nature, Sirena uses water as its filter. Separator technology forces air into the water, keeping dirt from being exhausted into your air. Dirt is trapped within the water. The air in your home is water-washed, and returned fresh and clean.

Water-based filtration technology for superior cleaning performance

Unlike traditional vacuum cleaners, Sirena doesn't require bags to collect dust and dirt. A large 3.5L basin filled with water is where all dust and dirt gets trapped. Water never clogs the way most bags, or filters in bagless vacuums, do. Sirena cleans 100% of the time — at 100% efficiency.
How Sirena Works
When the air is pulled inside, it is forced to pass through the water where the contaminants (e.g. dust, pet hair, dust mite droppings, etc.) are trapped in a swirling bath of water. A rapidly spinning separator prevents the water from entering the motor. The air is then forced through a washable HEPA filter which retains anything that didn't get trapped in the water (usually less than 0.01% of all particles). Finally, the clean, water-washed air is exhausted back into the room.

Add Ocean Breeze Deodorizer or Sirena Fragrances Before Cleaning
Add Fragrances Directly In The Water

Vacuuming with Sirena is a breeze. Begin by filling the basin with regular tap water. Make sure the water level is above the "MIN" line and below the "MAX" line. You can also add optional fragrances (from our Fragrance Pack) or a cap of our Ocean Breeze Deodorizer directly into the water before cleaning.

Adding fragrances or deodorizer doesn't affect the cleaning efficiency. You can also switch the scents half-way through. Simply inject a few drops directly into the intake, there is no need to turn the machine off or to open the basin! Our Fragrance Pack includes four natural fragrances:Pine/Tropical/Apple/Eucalyptus.

Discard Dirty Water After Cleaning
Discard Dirty Water After Cleaning

Sirena's water basin is designed to protect the motor from being damaged by large debris entering the machine. A special baffle is located right behind the intake port to help keep large debris away from the separator and to intensify the "rain storm" inside the basin.

Sirena's large 3.5L basin allows you to clean the entire house without needing to replace the water. When you have finished cleaning, detach the basin and pour the dirty water (it will be very dirty the first time you use Sirena) down the toilet or outside.

We want your Sirena to last a very long time! It is designed with safety and longevity in mind. The motor is bypass-cooled, so it will never overheat. Sirena also features an interlock system which prevents it from turning on if the water basin is not attached.

 Sirena Vacuum Cleaner

Sirena For Families With Children
Health and safety of our children is a top priority for every parent. Kids love playing on carpets making it extremely important that the carpets are thoroughly cleaned. Sirena is designed to deep-clean all types of carpets. Here is how Sirena does it:

1) Sirena features a powerful 1000W Italian-made motor providing enough suction power to reach the lowest layers of carpets.
2) Our Power Nozzle features 3 user-adjustable height levels for best possible airflow and the ease of motion on different carpeting surfaces.
3) Unlike with bags or filters, water will always maintain maximum cleaning efficiency.

Sirena For Asthma And Allergy Sufferers
The United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) warns that indoor air can be up to 20 times more polluted than the air outdoors. Dust mites, mold and airborne particulates can cause breathing difficulties and aggravate allergic reactions. Sirena improves the indoor air quality and eliminates allergens:

1) Water is an impenetrable barrier for most airborne particles including dust, pollen, and dust mite droppings
2) Some contaminants are non-water-soluble (e.g. sawdust, drywall dust, etc.). Those will be captured by our washable True HEPA filter.
3) Adding a few drops of eucalyptus oil into the water will quickly relieve nasal congestion.
4) You can run Sirena in the Quiet mode overnight or during the day to continuously purify the air in the room.

Sirena For Pet Owners
Any pet owner will agree that pet hair can be a nuisance. Not only will it stick to nearly every surface in your home, it makes cleaning a nightmare. Pet hair can also cause or exacerbate allergies. Traditional vacuums lose cleaning efficiency very quickly as pet hair clogs the air holes. Sirena's water-based filtration is the ultimate answer to pet hair problems:

1) Sirena comes with a tool for every surface in your home, including soft furniture and hard-to-reach spots.
2) All Sirena tools (including the Power Nozzle) are designed for maximum airflow making it easy to pick up pet hair from carpets and floors.
3) The large 3.5 litres water basin capacity makes it possible to clean multiple rooms or the entire house without needing to change the water.
4) Discarding the dirty water is very easy. You can forget about dealing with clogged vacuum bags!

Sirena Certifications

Asthma and Allergy Recommended / Go Green:

Sirena is a vacuum cleaner of choice for people suffering from asthma and/or allergies.

Rated "GOLD" By The Carpet And Rug Institute:

Sirena meets and exceeds the highest standards for soil removal, dust containment, and fiber protection.

Awarded "Space Technology" Badge By The Space Foundation:

Sirena uses materials and technologies originally developed for space exploration.

Certified with the ECARF Seal Of Quality By The European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation:

Sirena meets and exceeds the ECARF standards for allergy-friendly products.