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Sirena Vacuum Cleaner (Recertified)

Upgrade to Sirena Recertified Complete Bundle

This special recertified Sirena offer includes:

  • Free Shipping ($45 value)
  • 3-year Warranty ($79 value)

Total bonus value: $124

- What does "Recertified" mean?

These are Sirena vacuums that were returned to us by their original owners for any reason. We thoroughly clean, repair (if needed), and test these units to ensure they operate normally. Recertified Sirena vacuums are equivalent in cleaning performance to brand new units but may have minor cosmetic damages (e.g. scratches, dents, paint marks) on either the main unit, the attachments, or both.

Recertified units include all standard Sirena attachments and hoses. This Recertified Sirena ships with an older model of the Sirena Power Nozzle.

IMPORTANT: only recertified Sirena units purchased from this website are covered by the 3-year manufacturer's warranty; recertified/refurbished units purchased from third-party sellers are NOT covered by our warranty.

Customer Reviews

Based on 477 reviews
I’m loving this vacuum!

I seldom write reviews, but this vacuum is amazing! I have chronic lung issues and would put off cleaning because I knew it was going to give me complications for a few days. Not with Sirena! And I finally feel like my house is CLEAN! We have three dogs so I couldn’t wait to try the pet brush. It really works! Pet hairs that usually stuck to furniture no matter how many times I went over them, come off like magic with the first pass.


This is the absolute best vacuum we have ever owned!!!!! I wish it would have come with a furniture / auto turbo head!!!!!

We've owned a Rainbow for years and it was time for a new vacuum.

First I want to tell everyone we've owned a Rainbow SE for almost 20 something years and loved it. But as the years have gone on they have stopped making parts for our machine. So that lead us on a journey to find something that would actually clean. I have never heard of Sirena until I was Googling around on evening. At this price we were like why not! So we ordered our machine and watched a ton of YouTube videos on it while it was being shipped to us. I'm a believer!! This is the best vacuum you can buy, period. I don't know why people think it's so loud. I think everything about machine is amazing. YOU CAN'T FIND A BETTER VACUUM.

Proud Sirena Owner

I got this vacuum a few weeks ago and was so excited to use it when I received it. I pulled it out of the box immediately and just had to try it. have a little dog and, all I can say is wow, it picks up dog hair like you wouldn't believe. My home has never felt cleaner and can't wait to use it again. Proud owner, thanks Sirena

Better than other high end vacuums

cleaning, and I rarely used it. I can rent one every year for a few bucks. This vacuum has totally impressed me. Now to see if it lasts a decade like the Rainbow did...