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The Sirena Solution

Sirena Replaces Multiple Cleaning Products in ONE!

Get rid of your closet full of floor cleaners that take up space and don't fully clean! Sirena doesn’t require bags to collect dust and dirt. A large 3.5L basin filled with water is where all dust and dirt gets trapped. Sirena cleans 100% of the time – at 100% efficiency. 

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Sirena Vacuum Certifications

Sirena Certifications

Asthma and Allergy Recommended / Go Green:

Sirena is a vacuum cleaner of choice for people suffering from asthma and/or allergies.

Rated "GOLD" By The Carpet And Rug Institute:

Sirena meets and exceeds the highest standards for soil removal, dust containment, and fiber protection.

Awarded "Space Technology" Badge By The Space Foundation:

Sirena uses materials and technologies originally developed for space exploration.

Certified with the ECARF Seal Of Quality By The European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation:

Sirena meets and exceeds the ECARF standards for allergy-friendly products.

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  • Changing The Way You Clean

Sirena Customer Testimonials Canada

Customer Testimonials

Sirena Total Home Cleaning System is sold in more than 30 countries around the world. Here are some of the stories Sirena owners shared with us.

"My Sirena is the best vacuum that I have ever owned. Much more affordable than the Rainbow and it does the same thing. I think it even looks better. Awesome vacuum for the price. We even use ours as a deodorizer." - Daniel

"Our Sirena is amazing! We love it so much we got one for our relative who suffers from severe allergies, and it completely stopped her symptoms as well! With 4 pets, it's unbelievable what we pick up every time we use it. Has our highest recommendation!" - Cindy

"We have two dogs, first time we used it we couldn't believe how much pet hair and dirt it pulled from the carpet. Emptied and refilled basin three times and the forth time the water was as clear as it was when we started. Now every time we vacuum there is hardly any dirt and minimal hair." - Matt

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